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Hey there, Multifurry and Sonic fans! Welcome to our world!
It represents my alternative universe concept, in which Sonic is born as a pair of conjoined twins, currently known as Sora and Nicky. They are a special Mobian hedgehog with two heads, but only one heart. Each head has a separate mind (as my AU's title suggests).
Many years ago, when a magical comet hits the Earth, the entire animal kingdom that are effected by its radioactive mushroom cloud have evolved into Mobians, anthropomorphic versions of themselves they have become. Due to their evolution, this gives them hyper-intelligence and the ability of human speech. However, some of the animals remained unchanged because their projectiles made them immune and pure at heart.

Years later, the Mobians began to experience non-natural coloration, developing those with the rainbow of colors. However, some of them retained their own coloration which remained unchanged forever.

As time passed, the Mobian race began achieving stunning and unique kinds. Some have wings, horns and/or antennae that grant them kinds of magic while others are born as mythical beings with incredible celestial abilities.

Long after that time, a few number of Mobians of any type (normal, magical and mythical) began developing extra-additional appendages; heads, arms, legs and tails. These make them a special part of the whole Mobian race.

Years after that, a cobalt-colored egg came out of nowhere and arrived in a peaceful home for orphaned newborns. It later hatched into a blue-furred Mobian hedgehog with two heads, each with its own mind and personality. The right head named is a brave and cheerful one named "Sora"; and left head named "Nicky" is a shy and quiet one who likes to read. Even though they love to share a single body, the twin brothers obtained the ability to run faster than a speed of light, earning the alias as a portmanteau of their own names: Sonic the Hedgehog.
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This is AU RolePlay!!

There's a difference between two kinds of Mobians.
Normal Mobians are simply Mobians that don't have any extra body parts
Special Mobians are simply Mobians, but with extra appendages (heads, arms, legs, tails, ect.) and body features (spots, stripes, wings, horns ect.)

The rules are:
- No namecalling or disrespecting other members
- No racial, sexist, or religious jokes or insults (Especially in your artwork)
- Please stay on topic and at share your work at the right place
- Everyone is entitled to their own opinion
- respectful of other people wishes
- No Flaming Or Abusing! Do not flame another member in a topic because you don't think what they say is right. You can however state your own opinion such as saying - "I don't like this because...". Also, you may not abuse/stalk a certain member. Whoever is found doing so will be STOPPED!!
- Post your art at the correct gallery. If you have no idea where to place them, submit to the "Waiting List" folder. We'll move it myself then.

We like to accept:
- Anthros
- Any clean kind of conjoinment fetish (except nudity, foul language and violence)
- Crossover
- Ferals
- MLP artwork (If you're a My Little Pony fan)
- Multifurry artwork (Conjoinment included)
- Sonic Characters (Official or Fan-Made)

We do NOT accept:
- Anti/Hate/Rude artwork
- Creepypastas (Sonic.EXE included)
- Foul Language
- Gore/Blood/Violence or any morbid stuff
- Hyper
- Inflation
- NSFW (Not safe for work) artwork
- Nudity/Porn
- Scat
- Vore

There are currently over 25 slots, some of which belong to HeartinaThePony.
For a free slot, feel free to ask the founder for permission! Once you claimed the free slot for permission, make sure you'll create a character redesign with that slot. Make it a Special Mobian by giving it extra body parts or leave it as a normal Mobian.

Slots - Open:
:bulletpink: - Normal Mobian (lacking any extra appendages, but some have up to three magic powers/abilities)
:bulletyellow: - Magical Mobian (with appendages like wings, horns and antennae, all with magic powers/abilities)
:bulletgreen: - Mythical Mobian (representing mythical creatures like dragons and gryphons; all have more than magic powers/abilities)
:bulletblue: - Special Mobian (much like Normal, Magical and Mythical, but with extra body-parts as well as more than three magic abilities)
:bulletpurple: - Dual/Twin Mobians (two than one of the same Mobian, but with different features and personalities

Sonic the Hedgehog - :bulletblue: - HeartinaRosebud
Miles "Tails" Prower - :bulletblue: - HeartinaRosebud
Sally Acorn - :bulletpink: - HeartinaRosebud
Amy Rose - :bulletpink: - HeartinaRosebud
Knuckles the Echidna -:bulletyellow: - HeartinaRosebud
Bunnie Rabbot - :bulletblue: - SmileBlackheart
Antione D'Collette - Open
Rotor Walrus - Open
Nichole the Holo-Lynx - Open
Big the Cat - :bulletyellow: - HeartinaRosebud
Cream the Rabbit - :bulletpink: - HeartinaRosebud
Shadow the Hedgehog -:bulletpurple: - Hoodie-n-Chaos
Rouge the Bat - :bulletblue: - Hoodie-n-Chaos
Vector the Crocodile - Open
Espio the Chameleon - Open
Charmy Bee - Open
Blaze the Cat - Open
Silver the Hedgehog - :bulletpurple: - Hoodie-n-Chaos
Sticks the Badger - :bulletyellow: - HeartinaRosebud
Dave the Intern - Open
Tikal - Open
Breezie the Hedgehog - Open
Manic the Hedgehog - :bulletblue: - Open
Sonia the Hedgehog - :bulletblue: - Open
Professor Charles "Chuck" Hedgehog - Open
Dulcy the Dragon - :bulletgreen: - Open

Feel free to ask me in the comments for permission before you pick which slot you want to take. Once you've chosen it, make a redesign version of a character with that slot, by giving them anything you like.
To make it more than a Normal Mobian, why not giving them extra body parts (Magical or Special) or making them mythical; otherwise, leave them as a Normal Mobian.
They can be drawn in any style like these:
SiTM - Character Chart by HeartinaRosebud SiTM - Character Chart 2 by HeartinaRosebud
Just kidding; you can draw your version of that character in any type of Sonic art style you like. I use mine as well!
You can also have up to three slots as well, even though HeartinaRosebud has 10.
There's a difference between all four types of Mobians. Special ones have extra appendages, Mythical Mobians are depicted as mythical creatures and Magical Mobians, hence their name, have magical body features. Normal ones, however, don't.

Body features for Magical Mobians include:
- Wings (feathery, bat, dragon, insect, fairy)
- Horns (unicorn, bovine, no matter how many)
- Spots (dalmatian, cow, any spotted feline)
- Stripes (zebra, tiger, and tabby cat)
- Spiky tips (from 3 to 6)
- Taur body (optional/rare)

Appendages for special Mobians include:
- Heads (up to 6)
- Pairs or arms (up to 4)
- Pairs of legs (up to 4)
- Pairs of wings (up to 3)
- Tails (up to 12)
- Horns (up to 6)
Please, do not redesign a character (or steal a slot) without permission!!


Sora and Nicky -Gift- by Amandaxter Sora and Nicky -Gift- :iconamandaxter:Amandaxter 13 6
There are four types of Mobians; normal, magical, mythical and special. Mobians evolved from the majority of the animal kingdom as a result of a radioactive mushroom cloud when a magic comet hit the Earth.

Mobians are intelligent, anthropomorphic versions of the animal kingdom, almost identical to those from the Sonic franchise. They behave (see, hear and speak) in a same way as a human being, though humans are not part of the Mobian group. Mobians are also very social, like us, communicating and interacting with each other, remembering all things they immediately know.

All four types of Mobians are vegan, mainly preferring plant-based food and stuff. They are considered to be physically mature by age 20, have at least one offspring per birthing and live for an average of 100 years (longer if life-extension methods are used).
:bulletpink: Normal Mobians - a common/major fraction of the race. Normal Mobians are anthropomorphically evolved forms of the animal kingdom. They include mammals (such as bunnies, cats and dogs), birds (including budgerigars, geese and chickens) and reptiles/amphibians (like turtles, frogs and snakes). Mobian insects and fish are considered as rare, though some insects have wings, antennae and extra limbs. Normal Mobians possess no magic at all.

:bulletyellow: Magical Mobians - a fraction of the race. Magical Mobians are normal Mobians with unique/stunning appendages such as wings, horns and antennae; these allow them to possess kinds of magic (mostly fairy-like magic) as well as abilities to fly on air and glow in a dark. Hybrids, including jackalopes and unicorns are also Magical Mobians.

:bulletgreen: Mythical Mobians - an uncommon fraction of the race. Unlike Normal and Magical Mobians, Mythical Mobians include dragons, griffins, cockatrices and other exotic species. They also have abilities to possess magic, fly on the air, glow in the dark and even breathe fire and/or ice.

:bulletblue: Special Mobians - a rare/tiny fraction of the race. Special Mobians are exactly like the ones of any type (normal, magical and mythical), but with multiple/extra/missing body parts. They manage to survive infancy after birth. As for multi-headed ones, each head has its own mind and personality. Much like their magical and mythical counterparts, Special Mobians are also capable of their magic abilities, such as speed, flight, strength and glowing in the dark. Cerberi, cyclopses, hydras and even kitsunes are also Special Mobians. Sonic the Hedgehog (known as individuals being Sora and Nicky) is the only special Mobian with a magic ability of super running speed.

:bulletpurple: Dual Mobians - a very rare/tiny graction of the race. Dual Mobians are seen as two very similar Mobians to each other, but with different features from each other.
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